Month: January 2023

Youth Finance Academy event in Marijampolė

Youth Finance Academy is a project about financial literacy and entrepreneurship. Within the framework of this project, methodological tools were created for youth workers, pedagogues and other specialists who work with young people and develop the entrepreneurial and financial literacy skills of young people. In Marijampolė, on January 26, the event “Future of Financial Education” […]

Don’t stress do your best – youth exchange about stress management in Poland

Fast life pace, burnout, life – work balance, staying up to date and full of experiences and everyday struggles – it all contributes to the stress we might feel. Building your confidence, healthy habits, an ability to manage stress and your emotions in vulnerable situations – it all helps to reduce the stress we feel. […]

Let’s Talk project focus group study

The accelerating pace of life, various global problems such as Covid-19, the war in Ukraine and other reasons have strongly contributed to the deterioration of the mental health of young people. According to global health data, 14% of young people aged 10-19 experience various mental health difficulties and disorders, such as stress, anxiety, depression. Let’s […]

HELP – Handle emergencies like a pro training course in Poland review

The project took place on January 11-18 in Poland, in a small village in the south of the country. The trip was easy and smooth, the organizers’ communication was clear and fast, so there were no difficulties. During the training, we got better acquainted with crisis management strategies, discussed the crises we have experienced, analyzed […]

Meet Become ECOnfident eco youth club

We are thrilled to introduce yet another exciting project, and this time, it revolves around ecology and sustainability specifically designed for the younger generation – presenting “Become ECOnfident.” Allow us to take you to Marijampole, where the Lithuanian youth club at Mokolu Progymnasium hosted the first meeting on January 20. The meeting served as the […]

QuarantineART jewelry making workshop

Women fellowship in art! When fantasy, patience, diligence and hands meet – true masterpieces of art are born. The priceless power of art therapy, which pushes everyday troubles out of your head and thoughts, allows you to immerse yourself in the whirlwind of creativity.On January 17, 2023, our organization Tavo Europa gave the girls and […]

Doll it project in Poland

From November 9 to November 17, 2022 a fantastic Erasmus+ training called ‘Doll IT’ was taking place in beautiful and picturesque Murzasichle, Poland. A group of theatre enthusiasts from Poland, Lithuania, Spain, Italy, Greece and Bulgaria gathered to embark on an unforgettable journey together filled with creativity, laughter and good vibes in general.The main focus was on creating […]

Invitation to Youth Finance Academy event in Marijampolė

Are you interested in finance, seeking financial literacy and knowledge of how to manage your money? Are you a young, ambitious person, a young entrepreneur, a financial education expert, a teacher or a representative of a financial institution? Join and participate in the event and workshop “Future of Financial Education”, where you will learn about […]

European Future – Green & Sustainable

Duration :  01-01-2023 – 31-12-2024Project number: 101090047  The project aims to strengthen the capacities of transnational structured cooperation among organisations from different regions: West (France), East (Poland), South (Spain), North (Sweden), North-East (Lithuania), South-East (North Macedonia, Serbia and Bulgaria) in the field of green entrepreneurship. It addresses environmental and social problems and needs through the […]

QuarantineART: Painting workshop in Marijampolė

Art therapy is probably a concept that many have heard of, but not everyone understands well. It can strongly contribute to a person’s maturity and growth, provide assistance to the traumatized, disabled, withdrawn or less skilled persons. The creative process can help you express and understand your feelings and emotions. “QuarantineART” is an art therapy […]