About Us

Sometimes, all we need is a right choice, made at the right place, at the right time. Whether it is a political matter, a crisis or a word in a conversation. Tavo Europa is more than just another NGO working on the development of society by making those choices. It is a platform that gathers youth and different kind of experts who work together. We are home for the knowledge-hungry professionals that deeply care about their job, about career development and about youth. This is a safe place where non-formal education methods meet different environments and miracles really begin to happen. Teachers, trainers, instructors, researchers, activists and youth leaders gather together to make the choice – bring a positive change, while giving floor to youth and helping them advance their major skills. Life is all about making choices, but to help youngsters make the right ones, we provide tools and methods striving to create a stronger link between youth mobility experience and further professional prospects. Through various projects and different local activities, we are looking for new ways of how educational activities can meet the demand of new generations. In a liquid, constantly changing and evolving environment such as the nowadays age of knowledge that we are living in, it is essential to readjust the teaching-industry relationship, while experimenting with new ways of learning, thus making new great and better choices than ever before. 

Sometimes, all we need is a right choice, made at the right place, at the right time

Tavo Europa aims to combine the priorities of different programmes to upskill young people with required skills and experiences – to enhance their potentials and give them the knowledge and self-confidence to be able to compete effectively in demanding labor market – provide the best choices for others. Our activities include the development of a variety of tools, methods, manuals, mobile apps, online games, table games, etc. We aim to make youth work innovative, easier, more flexible and adaptable to the needs of nowadays young people. By equipping youth workers with new competencies and methods we transfer strong positive values to the hard-to-reach young people and thus increase their quality of life. Tavo Europa provides a supportive environment to allow young people to develop their talents and skills. This is an organisation that seeks the diversity of ideas, opinions, ethical awareness, and cultural differences of youngsters in a unique framework of experience and activities. As a result, this open space breeds the spirit of united youth, which is open-minded, positive, creative and willing to take part in active dialogue. That combats racism and xenophobia that we too commonly see in this time of globalization and migration. Tavo Europa is a choice You need to make in your life right now. And definitely the right one.