What is Civil Service?

The Universal Civil Service is the voluntary choice to dedicate a few months of one’s life to projects in support of education, promotion of civic and intercultural values, while gaining valuable experience in a specific field. Therefore, it represents an important opportunity for training, personal and professional growth for young people, gaining useful skills for entering the world of work.

Choosing to dedicate up to one year to a certain project makes it possible for young people to test their skills, gain new ones through actions for communities, while at the same time getting the opportunity to create networks with people alike within the civil service volunteers. The Civil Service makes it possible to broaden one’s worldview, try a career path while also getting to know a different country and culture for a period of time – in the case of longer projects up to 11 months, in others, up to 3 months.

The areas of intervention in Italy and abroad in which organisations propose projects involving volunteer workers are: assistance; civil protection; environmental heritage and urban regeneration; historical, artistic and cultural heritage; cultural, landscape, environmental, sports, sustainable and social tourism education and promotion; agriculture in mountain areas, social agriculture and biodiversity; promotion of peace among peoples, nonviolence and unarmed defense promotion and protection of human rights; development cooperation; promotion of Italian culture abroad and support for communities of Italians abroad.