Before Going Abroad

Yes. It’s a great idea to reach out to past volunteers for insights in Facebook groups. Also, consider checking out the popular co-living spaces that many students in Lithuania love. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive infopack and remember, our coordinator is always here to assist and support you whatever you need.

Make sure to bring along your ID or passport (recommended, as you may be required to travel abroad to non EU countries), your travel tickets (a digital copy is fine if you don’t need to print them), and your European health insurance card.

The Civil Service operates on a reimbursement system. So, just have a chat with your sending organization about the finances. Once you settle on an accommodation price, just share the invoices with them, and they’ll get you reimbursed promptly. As for meals, they’ll be on you, but don’t worry! You’ll get a daily allowance as stated in your contract (in addition to your salary) and a separate monthly sum to help cover some expenses. All set! 

You’ll receive a monthly payment of 507.30 euro, as updated in 2023. Plus, if you’re involved in projects overseas, there’s an extra allowance for you! This bonus varies based on the cost of living in the volunteer’s host country, ranging between 13 to 15 euros daily.

Before you leave, during the prep stage, an appointed person from the organisation will drop you an email to discuss your travel, accommodation, and any questions you might have. You’ll get to meet the rest of the team shortly after you arrive. You can always stay connected with them through emails, chats and video calls as part of the team is working remote. 

Once Abroad

You’ll get the opportunity to join in on ongoing projects and contribute to tasks that will let you experience the full project journey – from the preparation to the follow-up stages. Occasionally, the team might invite you to participate in events linked to the projects.


Absolutely! We highly recommend it as it’ll enhance your experience and give you a deeper insight into how these projects operate. Check out the open projects on our website and see which ones resonate with you. Just make sure they don’t clash with any other events during your stay. Dive in and make the most of it!

We’re situated at the vibrant Co-working space on Slucko 8. Not only is it a great community hub for work, but it also boasts amenities like a gym, cinema, sauna, PS5, and so much more for you to enjoy during your leisure time. Check for more: https://www.chapters.lt/co-working/slucko.

Just like in Italy, with a tiny twist! For the register, you’ll need to list Tavo Europa as the hosting organisation and have Donatas put his signature on it. And a little heads-up: if you split your time within a month between two organisations (be it in Italy or abroad), ensure you fill out two separate registers – one for the Italian stint and another for the abroad experience.

Our team is split into two main wings: Project Management and Communication.


Dive into Project Management, and you’ll find yourself in the middle of dynamic mobility projects. Here, you’ll be crafting and refining teaching material, ensuring they align with the feedback from the Lithuanian National Agency, your colleagues and our demanding projects. Not just that, but you’ll be shoulder-to-shoulder with the core team of the association, preparing and evaluating various activities. You will be actively involved in the implementation of various developments related to our mission to advance youth work.


Swing over to the Communication side, and you’ll wear the editor’s hat. From upgrading our website to crafting engaging newsletters, infopacks, and campaigns, you’ll have it all. Oh, and a sprinkle of administrative tasks to keep things interesting!


No matter where you land, get ready to roll up your sleeves! Both roles offer a golden opportunity to get involved in the variety of activites, especially when those project submission deadlines come knocking.

Depending on our schedule and availability, you will be offered a vibrant array of experiences! Dive into enriching training courses, immerse yourself in youth exchange projects, or gain experience in transnational partner meetings.

After Going Back

We’d love to hear your feedback about your experience in Lithuania! Plus, it’d be great if you could be available to guide and answer any questions for upcoming volunteers heading abroad. Sharing your experience can make a difference. And a gentle reminder: ensure you’ve got all your documents ready to receive your final reimbursements. Safe travels, and thanks for being part of our journey!