Beam Me Up, Digi!

The Youth exchange called “Beam Me Up, Digi!” was my first exchange ever. It was a great experience and because of it I have high

Fit to Belong kick-off meeting in Manchester

18-01-2020 Our project kick-off meeting was held in Manchester on 16-17 January 2020. The meeting was hosted by Prof. Pamela Qualter from Manchester University. The

Youngsters Speak Up for Gender Equality!

27-11-2019 Women in Europe are more prone to experience sexual harassment, gender-related discrimination, and a gender pay gap working in the same positions as their

Training course in Tartu University

15-07-2019 Association Tavo Europa had a unique chance to participate in a training course organised by Tartu University. Together with partners from Cyprus, Italy, Estonia,

Capacity building project starts now!

08-02-2020 Between 03/02-07/02/2020, a coordination meeting was held in Gdansk for the project WEBEN – Portal of Entrepreneurial Education in New Key at the Dom

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