“Open to change” project results!

We share the results of the Open to Change project!   After conducting a survey with young people in 4 countries, including Lithuania, it became


The 4th SE4Y newsletter covers the SE4Y Help Desk and the final meeting and conference of the project held in Iceland on 3rd and 4th


In the third newsletter, you can find stories of young entrepreneurs participating in the SE4Y learning, teaching and training activity in Lithuania at the end

The SECOND SE4Y Newsletter

Social enterprises are one of the most needed and creative business types these days. Social enterprises are organizations whose mission is to discover creative, entrepreneurial


On the 3rd and 4th of August the partnership of the @Se4YOU project met for the final transnational meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland During the meeting

It’s everyone’s game” project

Active participation in sports of young people not only improves their health and reduces costs to health services, but if properly addressed and arranged can


STONE project pilot event – training took place in Marijampolė. This long-term project is implemented in 6 partner countries, namely Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Ireland, Estonia,

START Empowerment digital Curriculum

We want to share good news with you! We release a new publication of the project “START – Sustainable Tools for Engaging People with the

Common Human Values

We are sharing the report of the project “Supporting and Enhancing Common Humanistic Values and Basic Sufficiencies to Refugees on the Way of Becoming a


On May 24-25, the consortium of the #QuarantinArt project – Inspiring adults explore their artistic side met for the 3rd Transnational Partners’ Meeting, in Warsaw,

Press release

Rural Youth Parliament Simulations, a method of involving young people in their community! We started our Erasmus + project, the Rural Youth Parliament. LAG Napoca

Let’s celebrate the upcoming Open Data Day!

The Open Data Day is approaching. This annual celebration is planned on the 5th of March over the world. Groups from around the world are fostered to create local events

Digital cultural experiences

In the age of digital technology, adapting content is extremely important to attract and interest people. This especially applies to the concept that people often

Digital Cultural Handbook

This Cultural Digital Handbook aims to help you understand and learn theconcepts of digital culture, linked open data, how they have changed during the decades,

Usage of LOD in Culture and Heritage

As a recap, linked open data (LOD) is defined as data that can be used adapted and modified by anyone as well as being released

Time-Based Media Art

The conservation and restoration of time-based media art should bring a creativity to the digital skills and competencies of youths, particularly in the field of

Digital Cultural Youth Curriculum – Cinema

The Erasmus+ Project Digital Cultural Designer (DCD) aims to extend and enhance the digital skills and competencies of young people particularly in the field of culture by promoting cultural education through innovative online tools and methods. 

The Evolution and Benefits of Digital Culture

Digital culture is the act of how we as humans communicate and interact with our surroundings through the ever-growing enhancement of technologies (GDS, 2020).  This includes how we

Digital Tools and Digital Resources

Traditionally, cultural institutions, such as libraries and museums, have been responsible for the storing and preservation of cultural material. However, due to technological advances, primarily digital tools,

Youth employment and digital culture

Digital culture refers to the change in how technology is reformulating the way in which we behave as humans. It eludes to how technology has encompassed our

Linked Open Data: Introduction

It’s still shocking to think that it has been a mere three decades since the introduction of the internet to our daily lives: the breadth and speed


We kicked off the project “Promotion of Youth Mental Health through Awareness, Prevention & Resilience Building”, together with our partners from Tavo Europa (Lithuania), FSR

‘’Digital Cultural Designer’’

Nowadays digital technology is an integral part of human life. They facilitate and simplify socialization processes, provide an opportunity to communicate with family, friends or

‘’Yes for Inclusion’’

Last year from 9th till 16th of October our members and youth did participate in an Erasmus+ project called “Yes for inclusion” which took place


The Digital START tours for Social Change will be an online tool aimed at fostering the capacity, knowledge and skills of youth workers, teachers, educators


MultiNATIONS was a 18 months project, founded by the European Commission, through ERASMUS+ program, KA2 – Strategic Partnerships for youth. The dissemination event was shared


The START Curriculum aims to support youth workers in the EU to embrace social inclusion and participation of young people, by developing activities related to


The GreenACT project will be gradually built-up following activities that will ensure that the most suitable elements will be introduced in its effort to equip


The aims of GreenAct project are: to enhance and deepen the competences of YP aged 16-25 years old, by inspiring them to have a positive


Funded by the Erasmus+ programme, project GreenAct aims to raise awareness of young people from 6 European countries, in order to educate them on environmental


START project aim was to develop innovative digital tools and methods for increasing the capacity, knowledge and skills of youth workers, teachers, educators, and training

Social Entrepreneurship for Youth

As the labour sector gains a growing attention, a rising amount of young people (18-30 years of age) are showing an increased interest in becoming

Open to Change

Erasmus+ „Open to Change“ project held a 4-day event in Italy. It aimed to build up the participant‘s competences and expertise in terms of creating

Digital Entrepreneurship Accelerator

The team of Erasmus+ project Digital Entrepreneurship Accelerator created a newsletter on events of the project and news relevant to it. In it you can

Digital Skills for Culture

The training program Digital Skills for Culture will be developed as an online course and will promote an innovative approach that will include several methods

STONE – STrengthen the Skills Of NEets

In the current world, people need a higher and broader set of skills to work, communicate, access information, products and services and for social and


Erasmus+ KA project called “DITOSE: Digital Tools for Social Entrepreneurship” is a project focusing on digital training for youth workers and youth used to fight


Becoming was a youth exchange, gathering 38 youngsters from Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Lithuania and Denmark. The project took place 12-20 October 2021. It was

Linguist John McWhorter thinks about language

English is fast becoming the world’s universal language, and instant translation technology is improving every year. So why bother learning a foreign language? Linguist and


An average person has about 60,000 thoughts a day and during self- isolation time, negative thoughts can be overpowering. When dealing with the pandemic, it‘s

City Quiz

According to the research conducted at the preparatory part of this project application, the mobile app created for this project was a unique digital solution

Second mobility!

The second mobility from our project #LanguageLearningToSupportActiveSocialInclusion, within the meeting we are exploring possibilities of drama, improv and English teaching/ learning methodologies and how to

Digital Cultural Designer

Digital Cultural Designer is an Erasmus + funded KA2 (Strategic Partnership) project, which, together with international partners, at the end of 2020 was launched by

Humanity As Priority

The project took place between August 23-29, at Marabu Camp, Milcoveni village, Caraș-Severin county. 42 young people aged 16-24 from Romania, Italy, Germany, Greece, Lithuania

Digital Entrepreneurship Accelerator

For most people, the start of September symbolises learning. And it definitely was a week of learning in Bansko, Bulgaria! The primary aim of the

How to overcome the loneliness of youth

In this article that was published on Lily Verity and Pamela Qualter from the University of Manchester describe how they found in their research that those

Beam Me Up, Digi!

The Youth exchange called “Beam Me Up, Digi!” was my first exchange ever. It was a great experience and because of it I have high

Fit To Belong

Fit To Belong is a project focusing on loneliness in young people. These days, this topic is well-known for anyone who tries to explore themselves

Loneliness Across Cultures

The website Loneliness Across Cultures is an online exhibition about loneliness across cultures. On the site you can view and and listen to numerous videos that capture


What if you had the chance to change your life’s perspective in a multicultural environment? What if you could find various ways to escape from

The very first experience in innovative teaching

We have started with our first learning mobility in Poland! Participants from Lithuania, Slovakia and Poland are developing their competances in communicative language teaching! #Erasmus

First mobility! Time to begin!

The I learning mobility within the Strategic Partnership Language learning to support active social inclusion is in action! The first activity aims to develop participants

Fit to Belong kick-off meeting in Manchester

18-01-2020 Our project kick-off meeting was held in Manchester on 16-17 January 2020. The meeting was hosted by Prof. Pamela Qualter from Manchester University. The

Youngsters Speak Up for Gender Equality!

27-11-2019 Women in Europe are more prone to experience sexual harassment, gender-related discrimination, and a gender pay gap working in the same positions as their


INspiring adUlts explore Their ARTIstic side (QuarantinART) will equip and support women with knowledge, key competencies and tools for improving understanding of artistic environments and

SE4Y 2nd Newsletter

See SE4Y (Social entrepreneurship for youth) projects second newsletter (see below) on project process and the preparation and publishing of the Intellectual Output 2 Capacity

Training course in Tartu University

15-07-2019 Association Tavo Europa had a unique chance to participate in a training course organised by Tartu University. Together with partners from Cyprus, Italy, Estonia,

SE4Y 1st Newsletter

See SE4Y (Social entrepreneurship for youth) projects first newsletter (see below) on project process and the preparation and publishing of the the Social Business Roadmap

Capacity building project starts now!

08-02-2020 Between 03/02-07/02/2020, a coordination meeting was held in Gdansk for the project WEBEN – Portal of Entrepreneurial Education in New Key at the Dom

About project

The project “Language learning to support active social inclusion” is a long term initiative, which created by 3 international partners: Fundacja Active Kids (Poland), A.D.E.L. –

Let’s begin our project!

It’s time to begin our “Language learning to support active social inclusion”! The project is a strategic partnership between 3 organisations from Poland #FundacjaActiveKids, Lithuania

Social Business Roadmap

The Social entrepreneurship for youth-SE4Y project has now been published “The Social business roadmap – for creating a social enterprise in 10 steps“. The Social

Social entrepreneurship for youth

Social Entrepreneurship for Youth (SE4Y) is a 2-year project got funded by Erasmus+ that started in September 2020. SE4Y aims to support young people who

Loneliness and Reconnection Guide

This Loneliness and Reconnection guide is a brief, practical guide for parents, teachers and practitioners about what loneliness is and what help can be found.

Digital Cultural Designer

The DCD project aims to introduce young adults to the concept of open data allowing them to learn and experiment with open data, corresponding to