Latino Dance Instructor

I’m a qualified dance teacher with 8 years of teaching experience, a total of over 4000 students, many friends and a strong dance community. I also run the Vuelta dance studio, which has been operating for five years and now is expanding and improving! My students are not only a part of a large united community but also participants and winners of international competitions, who brought home many prizes and medals!

I have tried many different dance styles until I finally found the ones that I am passionate about. I now specialise in Cuban salsa and Reggaeton dance styles, the secrets of which I have learnt from the world’s most famous salsa and Reggaeton teachers! I also have many years of experience in Lithuanian folk dance. Therefore, I can teach not only Cuban and Puerto Rican but also many Lithuanian folk dances.

I am a visiting teacher at events and camps, I conduct trainings for dance teachers every year, and share Cuban salsa and Reggaeton dance experience with young people.

I am also a frequent participant in Erasmus+ projects and I love to actively participate – to get to know others, have new experiences, learn, share knowledge, emotions, traditions! And since I’m joining the team, I’m ready to share my experience of dance, pedagogy, Erasmus projects and positive emotions!