Communication specialist

Hi everybody!

My name is Giedrė. In the spring of 2022, I graduated from Vilnius University and got a bachelor’s degree in Creative Communication. Since I remember I was always a curious and sociable person, trying to talk and get to know everyone in a room!

I enjoy creating. In 2013 I finished art school, a piano performance program, played in many concerts and created my own musical pieces back in the day. Probably the passion for creating led me to take an interest in graphic design, advertising, music, photography and many more.

Over the years, I have gained a lot of experience in different areas of work. This led me to get to know people even better – I gained patience skills, quick thinking and problem solving with creative methods. For the most part I worked in customer service, but besides that, last year I created, edited and was a host at my own podcast. It’s been challenging to do everything by myself, but I’ve gained time management skills, insight, and experience in

creating content and managing our social media. It was a challenge, but challenges led us to growth!

My first experience with youth exchanges happened while I was in 10th grade. Our school, together with partner schools from Poland, was developing a short term Erasmus+ project about developing digital identities for Lithuania and Poland as similar historical nations. I took part as a journalist, documenting the development of the project and creating content. I believe it was also an opportunity that led me to find the things I’m passionate about. I hope working at “Tavo Europa” as a communication specialist will lead me to discover new passions, and opportunities and help others to do the same!