I started participating in various international educational projects and non-formal education activities in 2013. Since then, I have worked on various international teams led by outstanding NGOs, successful business operatives and prestigious educational institutions. 7 years of experience as a president of non-governmental organisations has equipped me with practical knowledge, gave me a platform to develop valuable skills and attitudes, and helped me find balance in cross-sectoral cooperation.

I have expertise in conflict resolution and mediation, which come from my academic background in mediation, law and management. I am a team player with leadership skills. For the last couple of years, I have devoted my time to further grow with Erasmus+, Europe for citizens, NordPlus, Polish-Lithuanian exchange programmes. I have broad experience in strategic partnerships, structured dialogue, policy reform and capacity building projects. Activities that I focus on aim to bring attention to the biggest socio-economic problems of Europe (refugee crises, climate crisis, economic recovery and social integration of marginalised groups). I have guided the development of a strategy for our future work in various programmes.

The professional experience, gained during the time I have been working in the NGO, helped me to deeply understand cross-cultural differences and improve international communicative skills. It gave me a comprehensive understanding of management practice in the NGO sector and the foundation to develop new ideas. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and already remarkable work experience. I found effective ways to widen our target audience and provide youth with multiple opportunities to learn and participate in a variety of projects. I set high ambitions to myself, and I am eager to suggest innovative solutions and present an alternative viewpoint to problem-solving. My analytical abilities, communication skills and outgoing personality helped the organisation to excel while making a valuable impact on our youth.