I am a marketing and communications expert with over 7 years of experience in the field. Currently, I am working as a Chief Marketing Officer at Heavy Finance, a financial technology firm I co-founded in 2020.

Starting my professional career as a journalist I gained a deep understanding of the business environment and innovation. Consequently, together with some of the most profound professors in Lithuania, I have co-authored a book “The Business of The Century: Capitalism, Government and Entrepreneurs 1918–2018”, which was published in 2019.

Apart from journalism, I have worked with many technology start-ups as a communication and marketing consultant. My knowledge and skills allowed those companies to successfully execute their strategies for international growth. This experience led me to the latest career path – running marketing activities and making important strategic decisions as a co-founder of Heavy Finance.

Regarding education, after bachelor studies in Journalism at Vilnius University, I obtained a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Practice from Lancaster University in 2019. Later on, I was enrolled in an international study programme at Renmin University of China, which finished in 2020. Studies at these highly international and prestigious universities equipped me with a good understanding of global markets, entrepreneurship, marketing and human resource management.