Project Manager

I am a historian who thinks history tends to repeat itself. However, I perfectly know that people change when they strive for it and work for it. I believe that non-formal education is a great medium for developing a civic, responsible, and fully educated society. From the very beginning of my studies at Vilnius University, I was actively involved in student representation activities, seeking changes in the academic and social fields. I am well aware that some decisions have to wait for more than a year, but I am also convinced that today everyone can make a decision that will radically change lives and open up new opportunities. This is how I look at international projects for young people and youth workers – they enable them to work here and now.

Erasmus + studies and internships in Poland and Hungary, participation in several Erasmus + youth exchange projects allowed to get to know Europe’s strengths and develop personal competencies and foster social skills. While I consider myself a team player, I also like to work independently. I think I am a person who is not afraid to take responsibility. Mutual trust, empathy and a willingness to act are crucial to me.

In addition to non-formal education and international project activities, I am currently preparing a dissertation on the memory of Lithuania’s Anti-Soviet resistance. Together with like-minded people, I organize camps for young people on the topic of freedom struggles and actively participate in academic life.