Folk Dance Instructor

I am a performer in the State Song and Dance Ensemble Lietuva where I have been working for the past 8 years. However, I have been dancing since childhood. My dance career started in 1996 in the folk dance ensemble Nemunėlis of Alytus Jotvingiai gymnasium. It gave a strong foundation to my dance basics, and I did not doubt that after finishing high school I would choose to be a professional dancer.

I successfully graduated from Vilnius College with the Lithuanian Folk Stage Choreography specialisation, and I joined the State Ensemble Lietuva, where my professional dancer career began. I have performed not only in the shows staged by the ensemble but also in Andželika Cholina’s dance performances, such as: “The Legend of Love of Sigismund Augustus and Barbora Radvilaitė”, “Mindaugas” and “Othello”.

In addition to this, I am a long-term member of the historical dance troupe Festa Cortese and folk dance ensemble Vilniaus Pynimėlis of Kirtimai Culture Center. I have also participated in individual television projects, performed dance numbers, and partook in the folk-dance project Kadagys.