Month: November 2023

Coaching and inclusion practices – training course in Italy

From 7th to 14th of November 2023, youth workers, activists and leaders from Lithuania, Italy, Spain, Romania, Poland and Estonia gathered at Rende, South Italy, in the association Entropia, to share their practices on inclusion in the European programmes for youth. As in every Erasmus training course, the activities started with getting to know each […]

Youth Exchange Project “Rainbow Choir Voices for Equality”

From June 14 – 23 the team of Lithuanians attended the exchange in Spain, called “Rainbow choir: voiced for equality”. 14th of June 2023: Erasmus+ Youth Exchange Project “Rainbow Choir Voices for Equality” numbered 2022-3-ES02-KA152-YOU-000094322 was started in Ronda, Spain with getting to know activities, Erasmus+ program introduction and setting rules. Spain, Lithuania, Turkey and […]

AEITHALES – project in Greece

In September, our courageous Lithuanian team embarked on a transformative journey to Greece for a youth exchange titled “AEITHALES – think green.” Over the course of nine days, the team delved into the realms of sustainability, ecology, and nature, immersing themselves in the warm embrace of Greece’s breathtaking surroundings. This enriching experience not only broadened […]

Let us think green project

Erasmus+ project “Let us think green” is planning activities that include online and direct environmental training for project teams, awareness-raising events, an ecological conference and exhibition, sharing best practices and projects related to the environment, local and international project partnerships in the environmental field, and the creation of a sustainable cooperation model. During the meeting […]

A bridge to the future – youth exchange in Italy

Ugnė and Gabija were two out of the 10-person team in Italy who had the chance to attend the youth exchange called “A Bridge to the Future”. Ugne shares: At the end of August and the start of September, I got an opportunity to participate in a project called “Bridge to the Future” in the […]

Let’s Facilitate – training course

We’re excited to share some highlights from our ‘Let’s Facilitate’ training! Our team had a great time, learned a lot, and gained practical skills. The interactive sessions and lively discussions really helped us grow together. Check out the aftermovie to get a feel for the whole experience! ‘Let’s Facilitate’ was this cool Erasmus+ training that […]

Mental Health Have Matter – youth exchange in Turkey

A Lithuanian team joined a project in Turkey called “Mental Health Matters.” They aimed to spread awareness about mental health challenges, hoping to make people more compassionate and understanding. During the project, they took part in discussions, shared experiences, and made friends from different places. It wasn’t just about learning about mental health—it was also […]

Let us think green awareness activities in Dalyan

From October 22-28, a working meeting and environmental awareness activities took place in Dalyan, Turkey, as part of the “Let us think green” project. Throughout the week, we accomplished a lot: not only did we discuss the next steps of the project, but we also contributed to nature conservation initiatives. In Dalyan, we planted trees, […]