Promotion of history with modern marketing Polish-Lithuanian
Project in Poland
May 28 - June 4

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Country: Międzybrodzie Bialskie, Poland

The aim of this project is delve into the significance of international collaboration within the framework of Poland and Lithuania’s EU and NATO membership. Our mission is to foster a deeper appreciation for solidarity and cooperation, the bedrock of Europe’s stable development.

Through engaging seminars and activities, participants will gain insight into European and transatlantic integration, empowering them to effectively educate others in these critical areas. Our workshops offer a rich exploration of Polish and Lithuanian history and culture alongside practical training in social media management and content creation tools, including video editing.

Join us as we harness the power of modern media to spread valuable content, promoting mutual understanding and cooperation. Together, let’s amplify awareness of key milestones such as Poland and Lithuania’s entry into the EU and NATO, shaping a brighter future through shared history and collaboration. Enrich your knowledge and be part of a transformative journey today!

Dates: May 28 – June 4

The age of the participants: 18 – 27, leader 18+ years old.

Number of participants: 10 + 2

Accommodation and meals during the project will be free of charge. Travel expenses will be reimbursed after the project