It’s my business – youth exchange in Italy!

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the project in the heart of Rome, Italy. During the project, I not only deepened my knowledge about sustainability and the goals of the European Union, but also learned how different countries pursue these goals. Thanks to the project, we had the opportunity to get to know […]

Language learning to support active social inclusion – training course in Murzasichle, Poland

Training courses are always a good way to learn something new and exciting, share experiences with others and get to know people from other countries.  This time, we share small moments from a training course in Murzasichle, Poland. The main goals of this project were to learn more about social inclusion in education and how […]

Eco Euth youth exchange

Participants from these seven countries made presentations about eco problems and then possible solutions for their countries. After these presentations international groups have made posters of their ideas how to resolve the existing eco issues, these included ideas for other Erasmus+ projects that the participants could make in the future. Young people have learned about […]

“Cultural heritage from past to present” – youth exchange in Turkey

Darius shares feedback about the project “Cultural heritage from past to present” in Turkey. For me personally, the project fulfilled all expectations. Time passed quickly and it was sad to go home. I have no complaints about the food. The food was of good quality and I did not feel hungry. Accommodation conditions were very […]

Youth worker bees – youth exchange in Spain

I am very happy that I finally dared and participated in the first Erasmus+ project! On October 16-24, we gathered 30 young people from 5 different countries in the “Youth worker bees” project in Spain. We had a lot of discussions, had the opportunity to get to know new cultures, learned a lot of interesting […]

Alegroba – festival in Sakartvelo experience

I participated in the Erasmus+ project from October 24 to November 1 in Georgia, Kobuleti. The theme of the project was “ALLEGROBA”. It is a festival about Italian-Georgian history and connection. The journey back and forth is like nowhere else, the team from Lithuania is amazing! Upon arrival at the project implementation site, we met […]

Be ready for the next level in Romania

On 20-29th of October I participated in erasmus+ youth exchange project “Be ready for the next level” in Romania, Costinesti (near Black Sea)! For nine days we discussed social and classic entrepreneurship, made 7 business plans, created commercials and did many more wonderful things. My favorite  activity I think was “paperclip challenge” where the main goal […]

Two Sides of the Migrants Story – youth exchange about curent issues

I participated in the Two sides of migrants story project, which took place in Ankara. While traveling to Turkey, we also visited the cities of Cologne and Dusseldorf. We tried a German kebab to compare with the original Turkish dish. We were accommodated in a 4* hotel, and even though the rooms were promised for […]

North East Observations – exchange for true film lover

The atmosphere of the filming location – cameras, lighting, sound – we could touch all this with our hands and try it out. During the North East Observation project, we felt like participants of the festival, having the opportunity not only to create a short film on a socially important topic, but also to present […]

Don’t Waste! Recycle and Save Earth! Turkey

Black tea, baklava, kebabs and cities that don’t sleep – these are the things I remember from the summer project in Turkey. I was very impressed by the new culture, traditions and people… The week-long project itself went by in an instant. I saw a lot, learned a lot and experienced a lot. The people […]