Learning Languages Can Be Fun!

“This was my first project and it has left an incredible mark in my life… Thanks to you for having me! Thank you for participants from other countries. It was fantastic! I experienced many unique and unforgettable moments. And after all, I can surely say that this is one of the best experiences in my […]

Out of Comfort Zone in Croatia

At the end of the summer, I realised that I wanted to get out of my comfort zone in Croatia, because the home-work-home routine was no longer a pleasure. This was my first Erasmus+ project, but I really hope not the last. I still live with memories – new, different but very warm people that […]

Exploring Berlin Through Youth Exchange

Participating in this project in Berlin was a lot more fun than I was expecting. It was my first youth project so everything was new and sometimes overwhelming, but my teammates always made sure to be patient and explain anything that was unclear. The trip was smooth and without any problems even with all the […]

Do You See Us

It was the first time for me, but I can surely say that it is certainly not the last one. We have improved our photography and videography skills, learned to look at everyday things more creatively, got acquainted with the culture of other countries, found like-minded people from various parts of Europe and made friendships […]

A Project in Mesmerizing Mountains

“CultRular Lab 2021’’ sustainability-themed project was my first Erasmus+ experience. To be honest, I was going there with no expectations and got graciously surprised: I created one of my most beautiful memories in Poland. Got to know that country from a completely different point of view and was shocked to see the beauty of Poland! […]

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