Project in Portugal
June 20 - 26


Country: Fafe – Felgueiras, Portugal

Welcome to Volunt4YOU(th), where we believe in the power of youth involvement to shape a brighter tomorrow! Active engagement of young people is not just important – it’s essential. From the broader landscape of democratic life to the specific needs of local communities, the future of our society hinges on the voices and actions of today’s youth.

By empowering young people to participate actively, we’re ensuring that their perspectives, needs, and aspirations are not overlooked. Without their input, decisions affecting their future may stray far from their reality and desires.

Join us as we champion youth participation, providing opportunities for young voices to be heard and valued. Together, let’s build a future where every young person has a seat at the table and a hand in shaping the world they want to live in. Get involved with Volunt4YOU(th) today and make your mark on the future!

Dates: June 20 – 26

The age of the participants: 18 – 30 years old

Number of participants needed: 3

Accommodation and meals during the project will be free of charge. Travel expenses will be reimbursed after the project