Game Changers
Project in Hungary
May 4 - 11


Country: Rómahegy Rendezvényhá, Hungary

Dates: May 4 – 11, APV – April 19-22. 

Game Changers” is a pioneering European program leveraging sports to reverse declining youth participation in civic life. Focused on bolstering youth worker skills, crafting sports-centered civic initiatives, and fostering community connections, it aims to bridge the gap between sports and civic engagement. The initiative seeks to reshape young individuals’ attitudes, empowering them to contribute meaningfully to their communities. Additionally, it plays a vital role in boosting youth involvement in the 2024 European elections, contributing to a more engaged and participatory society.

The age of the participants: +18 years old

Number of participants: 4. (1 to APV)

Accommodation and meals during the project will be free of charge. Travel expenses will be reimbursed after the project