Youth Worker

Hey there! It’s Indrė here

I’m all about empowering our youth! Passionate? Absolutely. Dedicated? Every single day.

Languages: Not to brag, but I can chat in Polish, Lithuanian, Russian, English, Italian, Spanish, and German. It’s super cool when I get to connect with young people from all walks of life.

I’ve dug deep into how to vibe with and support young folks since my college years, especially those going through tough times. Later, I leveled up at Vilnius Pedagogical University with a sprinkle of social educator magic.
Bagged that shiny Youth Worker certificate in 2020.

Currently, I am involved with Marijampole Basic School, helping young souls, whether they’re wrestling with motivation or other life challenges. On top of that, Marijampole Open Youth Center is my playground! Non-formal education, meeting them where they are, and truly listening.

It is my third year that I teamed up with Tavo Europa – from awesome workshops to testing out new tools that aim to enhance youth workers. Super rewarding!

Continuous learning and an unyielding desire for self-improvement are qualities that will undoubtedly presents me the most. Whether it’s professional growth, personal development, or simply expanding your horizons, staying curious and eager is my trait. From Serbia’s sustainable youth projects to Finland’s digital innovation gigs, I’ve been fortunate to learn, share, and grow in so many amazing places. Each trip? A new story.

My Youth-Work Superpowers:

Team Vibes: I love teaming up and making magic together.

Chit-Chat Champion: I’m all ears and all heart. Making sure every young person feels seen and heard.

Organizing Whiz: Be it a casual meetup or a full-blown workshop, I’ve got it sorted!

Over a decade in and I’m still in love with what I do. Cheers to lifting up, listening to, and laughing with the fantastic young minds out there!