Author : Giedrė

Power of culture

Duration : 01. 2024 – 05. 2024 Project number: 2023-1-PL01-KA210-YOU-000160666 The project aims to promote unity and tolerance between cultures in Europe. Non-governmental organizations are implementing three 7-day training sessions for educators to share experiences in working with youth and organizing artistic events. Music, theater, and dance serve as tools to build intercultural partnerships. The project develops […]

VIRAGO – empowered Women

Duration : 01. 09.2023 – 28.02.2025. Project number: 2023-1-BG01-KA210-YOU-000155509  The project enables us, youth workers from grassroots CSOs from Bulgaria, Lithuania, the Canary Islands and Cyprus, to take steps into small-scale European cooperation to better reach out to young females with fewer opportunities from remote communities on the mainland or offshore or impacted by the war in […]


Duration :  31/12/2023 –  30th December 2024 Project number: 2023-1-IT03-KA210-YOU-000113408 Industrialized civilizations’ production and consuming activities are based on a knowledge of quick and large-scale manufacturing and distribution. This idea demanded that natural resources be continually depleted and demanded wildly at times. Furthermore, the consequences of urbanization, fast population increase, and technical advances have been incorporated into […]

Responsive Youth for Climate Action

Duration :  01/11/2023 – 01/11/2025Project number: 101131295 — RYCA —ERASMUS-YOUTH-2023-YOUTH-TOG RYCA aims at fostering youth networking, participation and action on the matter of Climate Change.This contributing on one hand, to the general goal of the European Youth Together call to increase youths engagement in the European political debate and on the other, to the broader goals indicated […]

ConnectART- disability and inclusion through digital languages

Duration :  01/12/2023 – 31/08/2025 Project number: 2023-1-IT03-KA210-YOU-000152214 The European and international approach to disability and inclusion has changed radically over the last decades. The World Health Organization states that:“Disability results from the interaction between individuals with a health condition, such as cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and depression, with personal and environmental factors including negative attitudes, inaccessible transportation […]

From Balkans to Baltics in Lodz, Poland

During the days of June 14-19, 2023, in the heart of Łódź, Poland, we participated in the vibrant initiative called Contact Making Event and project development activity “From Balkans to Baltics”. Throughout this energetic project, we delved into the realities of youth mental health work, assessed project quality within Erasmus+, explored the new tools and […]

Transform action project: workshop in Hungary

We are always happy to share the moments and impact training courses provide for participants, this time, greetings from Hira in Hungary:  I’ve had recently during two workshops about “Transform action” training course. First up, I had the fantastic opportunity to conduct not one, but two workshops. The first workshop was dedicated entirely to a […]