My name is Anna Marzi and I’m 27 years old. I live in Bologna and I’m originally from Rimini, Italy.
I am currently working for Tavo Europa in Kaunas to complete the last three months of my Civil Service. I’m part of the Project Management team of the association.
I graduated in March 2022 at the University of Bologna and got my Master Degree in International Relations, with a specialization in crime, justice and security studies. During my university career, I
participated as short-term volunteer in development projects for an Italian NGO in Albania and Palestine. Such experience was one of the most exciting and enlightening of my life, therefore, after completing my masters, I decided to obtain a specialization Diploma as Project Officer in a training school of International Cooperation in Florence, Italy. I am passionate about Human Rights, Justice and active citizenship, and I’m definitely addicted to travelling. As I strongly believe in the power of young people to shape a more equal and peaceful future, I’m currently enhancing my skills and knowledge of project management in the youth sector, through my one-year long Civil Service experience. My aim is to contribute to foster civic
engagement and awareness about justice and human rights among young people, in order to give them tools to build a stronger and fairer society.