Rock Solid Soft Skills Training
Project in Poland
April 27 - May 3

Country: Krakow, Poland

Dates: April 27 – May 3

“Rock Solid Soft Skills” is an innovative Erasmus+ training course focused on enhancing leadership and interpersonal abilities through experiential learning. Led by skilled trainers well-versed in the David Kolb learning cycle, participants engage in real-life scenarios to foster teamwork and communication. Through reflective analysis and guided discussions, individuals develop actionable strategies for effective leadership. The course culminates in hands-on application, reinforcing learning and empowering participants to adapt and innovate in diverse contexts. By combining the Kolb cycle with interactive methods, Rock Solid Soft Skills equips individuals with the confidence and tools needed to excel in today’s dynamic world.

The age of the participants: +18 years old

Number of participants: 3

Accommodation and meals during the project will be free of charge. Travel expenses will be reimbursed after the project