Month: December 2023

Open your eyes project in Poland

The “Open Your Eyes” Training Course held in Poland from June 6 to 13 aimed to fulfill this project’s objective by enhancing participants’ media literacy. We achieved this by deepening their understanding of both the positive and negative aspects of mass media, educating them about fake news and targeted media propaganda, and providing them with […]

VIeW project meeting in Cyprus

The VIeW Project meeting, held on December 13th and 14th in Limassol, Cyprus, was a success! We brought together some awesome partner organizations: NGO “Parallel Silistra” from Bulgaria, Association TAVO Europa from Lithuania, Amanay from the Canary Islands, Spain, and Dorea from Cyprus. The mission of the project is to empower women for positive social […]

Digital skills for youth workers – project in Bulgaria

This time Gabriela shares her experience in training course in Bulgaria: We invite you to step into our meaningful adventure in Bansko, Bulgaria 🇧🇬 During these 10 days we: 🌿Enhanced our teamwork and negotiation skills 🌿Mastered efficient AI applications 🌿Leveraged digital tools for personal and team tasks 🌿Gained valuable knowledge from expert trainings 🌿Transformed knowledge […]

Growing youthwork: 2023 updates

Reflecting on 2023, here are our key achievements: Two Transnational Meetings: Held in Lithuania and Hungary, these were crucial for collaborative planning. Development of Guide Modules: Crafting comprehensive project management guides was a major focus. Informative Website Launch: Our robust website now hosts an e-course on project management and societal impacts. Result Assessment Platform: Streamlining […]

Stress? No thanks. Project dissemination meeting

The Dissemination meeting of the project `Stress? No, thanks. Youth workers in balance, ready for youth challenges´ had place online on December 5th. Gantalcalá, as coordinator, has exposed the T.C results; among them, the creation of a Seal or Decalogue with recommendations for those organizations working with youth that want to achieve a mental-health-friendly environment. […]

EUth in Action – social inclusion workshops

In these uncertain times, we want to share our common experiences of dealing with stress related to the political, ecological, health and economic situation of each of us. With the problems of violence, the lack of a solid and trustworthy message about the future of the planet – the future of employment and education or […]

Be Right project in Romania

The BeRight project, funded by the European Commission under the ERASMUS+ program, has recently commenced in Predeal. Over the course of 8 days, youth participants from Lithuania, Spain, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, and Romania will delve into a deeper understanding of their rights and responsibilities as young citizens within a democratic European society. Stay tuned for […]

Let’s facilitate – a training course in Hungary: the booklet

At the beginning of the September young professionals from Lithuania joined the training course called “Let’s facilitate”. The main aim of Let’s Facilitate was straightforward: to provide youth workers, aged 18-30, with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to design and lead non-formal educational workshops. Thanks to the training, we understood how important it is […]

“HopaSus” project transnational meeting

The 4th transnational partners‘ meeting of the European Union co-financed project HopaSus took place on November 17, 2023. This time partners from UNEFS (Romania), SDCS (Serbia) and Tavo Europa (Lithuania) were hosted by the Bulgarian organization WalkTogether, which invited them to visit the Gotse Delchev Gymnasium in Plovdiv. During the meeting, the further course of […]

“Stress no thanks” project follow up meeting

On 28th and 30th November Gantalcalá has facilitated the Follow Up meetings with the participants of the project `Stress?No, thanks´; they have been able to share their experiences using the techniques learnt during the T.C, as well as keep practicing through an online activity. Project partners: Walk together (Bulgaria); `Hope For Children´ CRC Policy Center […]