Month: October 2023

The Rural Youth Parliament Project Newsletter no. 4

We’re excited to bring you the latest updates from our transnational meetings, where minds converged, ideas flourished, and partnerships strengthened. Here’s a recap of the impactful gatherings that have propelled our project forward:  Kick-Off Meeting in Romania (27-29 April 2022) Project Meeting in Finland (7-9 December 2022) Transnational Meeting in Lithuania (13-15 September 2023) As […]

Become ECOnficent debates: Do we need a preservation centers in our country?

Young Voices Clash in a Recent Debate: Should We Have Nature Conservation Centers? In a special event just for young people, we tackled a big question: “Do we need places to protect nature in our country?” The debate brought together passionate young individuals with strong opinions. Some of us argued strongly in favor of conservation centers. […]

Become ECOnficent project youth camp

Exploring Nature in Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve: A Journey with Eco-Minded Students In a two-day camp organized by Indrė, the social educator at Mariampoles Mykolu school and team member of Tavo Europa, we had the incredible opportunity to immerse ourselves in the heart of Žuvintas Biosphere Reserve, celebrating Climate Change Week. This adventure, aptly named “Children […]

“Let’s play in nature” youth exchange in Italy

Youth exchange “Let’s Play in Nature!” held in picturesque Valsinni, Italy. This 11-day adventure united us with peers from Turkey, Poland, Lithuania, Italy, and Spain, fostering a tapestry of shared experiences within the enchanting Parco dei Criusciuni. This experience was nothing short of unforgettable, gifting us enduring friendships and personal growth nurtured through immersion in […]

Act stronger event in Vilnius Lithuania

On September 22, in Vilnius Lithuania, the ACT Stronger project partners and many young resilient and curious individuals gathered for awareness raising event, titled “Disinformation and media literacy”. The digital age presents both incredible opportunities and significant challenges. Information travels at an unprecedented speed, but it doesn’t always align with reality? Being digitally literate and […]

Build your future nature – training course in Turkey

In the beginning of september four brave and environmentally conscious people from Lithuania attended the training course in Diyarbakir, Turkey. Reflecting on the recent training course, it is notable to share the success and impact it achieved. The course revolved around a shared vision for a better and sustainable world, where humanity can thrive in […]

Stress? No thanks training course

Tavo Europa will be involved in the the T.C `Stress? No, thanks. Youth workers in balance, ready for youth challenges ́ that will take place in Marbella, Spain, from 16th to 23rd October. Our participants: Lina, Kotryna and Berta will represent Lithuania in this project, coordinated by Gantalcalá (Spain), in cooperation with organizations from 11 […]

Act stronger press release: events in France

Since 2009, the Commission prioritizes e-participation and e-governance, conducting online consultations and impact assessments to enhance public engagement and European governance. Wider access to new technologies could enrich these processes, involving all stakeholders and strengthening governance. The emergence of digital tools and collaborative platforms revolutionizes public interaction with politics, surpassing traditional media. These technologies offer […]

Entrepreneurship in the village, inspired by traditions and customs project

A beautiful project took place these 8 days! 43 people from 6 different countries (Hungary, Spain, Lithuania, Macedonia, Turkey, and Romania) gathered in Romania between 01-08 May 2023. 43 8  participants program days About the project The main theme, rural entrepreneurship was not the full story. The main story was the connection, friendship and team […]

Long live the village project in Romania

Following the Youth Exchange event, “Long Live the Village,” which took place from September 1st to September 11th, 2023, and was generously funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ program, we brought together a diverse group of 40 young participants from four countries: Romania, Poland, Lithuania, and Bulgaria. The primary goal of this exchange […]