Month: September 2021


Loneliness can have a number of negative effects in the short and long term (poor physical or mental health, poor sleep) and there has been increased demand to introduce interventions that mitigate loneliness, or increase successful management of transitory loneliness, so that individuals are not propelled into chronic, prolonged loneliness. Given, too, that loneliness is […]

Publication: Are we doing enough to address loneliness in adolescence?

This first publication of Fit 2 Belong is the culmination of work conducted in the first phase of the Fit2Belong project. Based on extensive desk research and interviews across Europe with young people aged 14-16 years, the researchers have developed a framework that provides guidance for the development of teaching and learning materials for youth who […]

Second mobility!

The second mobility from our project #LanguageLearningToSupportActiveSocialInclusion, within the meeting we are exploring possibilities of drama, improv and English teaching/ learning methodologies and how to reframe them for an active social inclusion. The project is funded by #Adultseducation#ErasmusPlus, with collaboration between 3 international organisations from #Poland#fundacjaactivekids#Lithuania#Tavo and #Slovakia#adele This project is funded by Erasmus+