Project Manager

Facing new challenges is something that drives me in my personal and professional life, that’s why I chose to volunteer supporting people with intellectual disabilities. Thanks to this experience, I faced the urgent need to adjust our attitude, way of teaching and learning not only for this target group, but to the new generations in general, which led me to choose the path of educator and youth worker.

I have been actively involved in international and/or non formal learning activities for more than 10 years now. I can proudly say I had a chance to see the activities of the European Solidarity Corps and Erasmus+ programs from different points of view – as a participant, organiser, coordinator. What is more, working in small NGOs, I had a chance to work with every single aspect of these projects for youth, starting from the generation of ideas to accountability and participant support. This is why I can relate and efficiently respond to the needs of all parties involved in a project.

Since I have lived in several countries for extended periods, I developed a sense of being a true citizen of Europe, a Europe with no frontiers and limits for youth. However, it also made me realize that this is still not accessible in the same way for all and so I focus especially on involving the participants with fewer opportunities.