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Discover the world through short-term youth exchanges and training courses with Erasmus Plus. Dive into diverse cultures, forge friendships, and develop skills in various fields like entrepreneurship, sustainability, and intercultural communication. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enrich your life and make a difference. Join Erasmus Plus short term projects today and embrace the adventure!

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The Business of Laughter Entrepreneurship

6 - 13 April

Leaving home ain't easy

8 - 17 April

Where the past meet the future

8 - 16 April

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April 1 - 12

Tomorrow's YouthTech

April 9 - 16

European union values for a bright tomorrow

April 10 - 16

Youth exchange or training course, what's the difference?

Erasmus+ exchanges and training courses, funded by the EU, promote youth mobility and personal development. Youth exchange experiences range from cultural immersion for ages 16-30 to professional skill enhancement in training course for youth workers. Topics include intercultural communication, project management, and entrepreneurship. Gain skills, expand networks, and make a difference with Erasmus+.


Curious or uncertain? Explore the questions posed by past participants in youth projects.

How long does the "short-term" project last?

The duration of each youth exchange or training course varies, typically ranging from a few days to two weeks. Each project encompasses distinct paces, objectives, methodologies, and results. Experiencing at least one Erasmus youth project firsthand is essential for gaining a comprehensive understanding of their dynamics and benefits.

Do I need to pay for accommodation, traveling or food?

Accommodation and meals are usually provided during the youth exchange or training course. The only expense you might incur during your mobility is for transportation. However, fret not, as these costs are reimbursed upon completion of the project.

What kind of activities can I expect during the project?

Prepare for an enriching blend of fun and educational activities! Throughout the project, you’ll engage in workshops, seminars, and immersive learning experiences centered around the chosen topic. Additionally, don’t miss out on the cultural evening, a fantastic opportunity to exchange experiences and traditions with fellow participants. For a comprehensive schedule, refer to the infopack or contact the organizers for detailed agenda information.

#TAVOEUROPA youth exchanges training courses experiences

During the training, someone said a phrase that perfectly summarizes this experience – “It’s like a lifetime within a lifetime”. During these 9 days, I learned tons of new skills useful for youth trainings. I’ve connected with beautiful people from all over Europe. But, most importantly, this training gave me the confidence I needed to shift my career in the way of youth training.” – Vidas

“I am grateful for the friendships that blossomed, the cultures that came together, and the experiences that will always be etched in my heart. This youth exchange experience wasn’t just an adventure; it was a life-altering journey that enriched my soul. Here’s to the bonds that endure across borders, and to the promise of reunions in distant lands. Grazie mille, Erasmus” – Egle

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