Giulia Sequenzia

My name is Giulia Sequenzia, I’m 24. I’m originally from Friuli Venezia Giulia, but I moved for my University studies, and now I live in Bologna.

I applied for the Civil Service in Italy, and I began to work with the Scambieuropei association at the end of May. As required by the project, I am now in Vilnius, working for TAVO Europa, where i am involved in the communication branch of the association.

Last year I got my Bachelor in Political Science at the University of Padova, and I am now studying Local Development (Master’s Degree) in Bologna. During my experience, I acquired knowledge on how to study and analyze social issues as well as how to link them to the institutional background of that specific environment/country. I also studied the policy cycle and how public policies can impact societies.

I’ve taken exams related to public policy analysis, and in my thesis I analyzed the policy cycle of a draft bill against omolesbobitransphobia that was eventually not approved in Italy, the “DDL Zan”, as well as the reasons why it failed.

Thanks to the Civil Service, I learned more about Erasmus+ projects such as Youth Exchanges and Training Courses, and I can now work on Project design and management as well as communication-related tasks.
I am passionate about social issues such as inclusivity and safe space, transfeminism, and nonviolent communication, so I’m trying to discover how to combine these topics with youth projects and training courses and maybe facilitate one.