Youth Exchanges

Sustainable Tourism in the Szekler Area

17 - 26 May

Responsive youth for climate action

May 3 - 9

Healthy Inclusion, Youth, Activism

20 - 29 July



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Joining a project is easy and straightforward. Just complete the application form for your preferred project, and allow us some time to process it. We carefully assess each youth exchange application we receive. Once accepted, you’ll receive an invitation to participate. Don’t worry if your first choice is unavailable; we’ll offer you alternative youth exchange projects. 


Curious or uncertain? Explore the questions posed by past participants in youth projects.

How long does the "short-term" project last?

The duration of each youth exchange or training course varies, typically ranging from a few days to two weeks. Each project encompasses distinct paces, objectives, methodologies, and results. Experiencing at least one Erasmus youth project firsthand is essential for gaining a comprehensive understanding of their dynamics and benefits.

Do I need to pay for accommodation, traveling or food?

Accommodation and meals are usually provided during the youth exchange or training course. The only expense you might incur during your mobility is for transportation. However, fret not, as these costs are reimbursed upon completion of the project.

What kind of activities can I expect during the project?

Prepare for an enriching blend of fun and educational activities! Throughout the project, you’ll engage in workshops, seminars, and immersive learning experiences centered around the chosen topic. Additionally, don’t miss out on the cultural evening, a fantastic opportunity to exchange experiences and traditions with fellow participants. For a comprehensive schedule, refer to the infopack or contact the organizers for detailed agenda information.

Explore Cultures with Erasmus+ Youth Exchanges! Engage in Erasmus+ Youth Exchange Projects to broaden horizons, develop skills, and foster understanding among diverse cultures. Participants delve into democracy, equality, tolerance, and sustainable development through active learning methods. Improve English skills while Erasmus+ covers travel, accommodation, meals, and awards a Youthpass Certificate for European recognition. Join the vibrant community of international youth projects and embrace new experiences!