SMART Democracy

SMART Democracy – The importance of democracy in the digital life 31-01-2022 Duration: 31-12-2021 – 30-12-2022 Project Number: 2021-1-IT03-KA154-YOU-000007442 With the project SMART democracy, we are aiming to achieve the following objectives: – Increase and promote a renovate participation of the young people from rural and sub-urban areas; – To spread EU values and identities […]

Growing Youth Work

Growing Youth Work 21-01-2022 Duration: 31-12-2021– 31-12-2023 Project Number: 2021-1-DK01-KA220-YOU-000029323 Increasing and maintaining the quality of Youth work across Europe is key to achieving the Youth Goals, and this can be done by ensuring youth organisations and youth workers are able to learn from each other by recognizing and sharing good practices of other European […]


Duration : 01-09-2022 – 30-11-2023Project number: 2022-3-FR02-KA154-YOU-000097414 The aim of this project is to think about “living together” in the face of the issue of people who are less integrated/discriminated because of their social or racial origin racial origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, mobility or political, philosophical or political, philosophical, or religious convictions. In other […]