Take a Gap not a Nap

Duration :  01-04-2023 – 31-07-2024Project number: 2022-3-PT02-KA210-YOU-000098785 The project’s overarching objective is to enhance the skills, knowledge, and attitudes of young people as they make decisions about their future after completing their mandatory education. It aims to promote a positive approach towards the concept of a gap year as a means of fostering personal growth […]

Audiovisual translation internship

You are proficient at comprehending a particular language and swiftly translating it into another? Want to obtain important translation experience and enhance your textual abilities? Join us!We are searching for someone whose primary responsibility would be translation. During the internship, the intern will have the opportunity to become familiar with the nuances of a translator’s […]


Duration :Project number:The “ACT Stronger” project designated to contribute to the citizens; deeper understanding ofthe EU values, its history and diversity.The project’s aim is to summarize the progress made in the 8 Member States (Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Spain) on the European democracy action plan the results from the EU Citizenship report […]

European Future – Green & Sustainable

Duration :  01-01-2023 – 31-12-2024Project number: 101090047  The project aims to strengthen the capacities of transnational structured cooperation among organisations from different regions: West (France), East (Poland), South (Spain), North (Sweden), North-East (Lithuania), South-East (North Macedonia, Serbia and Bulgaria) in the field of green entrepreneurship. It addresses environmental and social problems and needs through the […]

Become ECOnfident

Duration : January 2023 – November 2024Project number: 2022-1-PL01-KA210-YOU-000084202 Become ECOnfident is a project prepared by the Heureka Generator association, the Lithuanian TAVO Europa organization and the Romanian Evolution organization under the Key Action 2 of the European Erasmus+ programme. The proposal we have prepared is the so-called Small-scale Partnership, which is one of the […]

Intensive Energy Saving

Duration : 01-01-2023 – 01-01-2026Project number:  2022-2-PL01-KA220-YOU-000098102 The project aims to enhance responsibility and social awareness among young people aged 18-30 regarding ecology and energy saving. Through various activities, such as interactive educational materials, workshops, and meetings with experts, the project intends to promote youth engagement, initiative, and solidarity in addressing environmental issues. Focused on […]

Let Us Think Green – Empowering Youth Organizations for Green Europe

Duration : 01-01-2023 – 01-01-2025Project number: ERASMUS-YOUTH-2022-YOUTH-TOG-101086205 The “Let us Think Green” project aims to raise awareness and consciousness about maintaining a clean, green, and sustainable environment, including clean water sources, clean atmosphere, and preserving the blue sea. The project involves six non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from five countries collaborating to promote sustainable practices and environmental […]

GIFTLED: A ‘’Learn by Design” – Digital Toolkit to Include Gifted Individuals in STEAM Education

Duration : 31-12-2022 – 30-12-2024Project number: 2022-1-PL01-KA220-SCH-000087644 GIFTLED project aims to develop a digital and augmented reality toolkit that will be used within the “design by learning” educational method for facilitating the educational needs and talent development of gifted/talented individuals in STEAM courses. Within this general objective, the specific objectives and corresponding results are as […]


Duration : 01-11-2022 – 28-02-2025 Project number: 2022-1-SE02-KA220-YOU-000087230 The LetsTALK project aims to address the impact of Mental Health Disorders (MHD) on young people (YP) aged 16-25, promoting their social and economic inclusion in the community. MHD, such as depression and anxiety, can lead to isolation, stigma, and limited opportunities for YP. The project seeks […]

Don’t Waste! Recycle and Save Earth! Turkey

don't waste

Black tea, baklava, kebabs and cities that don’t sleep – these are the things I remember from the summer project in Turkey. I was very impressed by the new culture, traditions and people… The week-long project itself went by in an instant. I saw a lot, learned a lot and experienced a lot. The people […]