Month: May 2023

Let us think green event in Marijampolė

The goal of the LET US THINK GREEN project is to increase awareness and knowledge about sustainability, clean, and green environment, including water sources, beaches, atmosphere, in partner countries and the EU. A team interested in sustainability, sorting, renewable natural resources, and the preservation of a clean planet was invited for a discussion in Marijampolė. The […]

Training Course in Guadeloupe about environmental conservation

I had the incredible opportunity to participate in the "Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Development in Island Communities training course, a mobility of youth workers funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ program. The project was implemented by Copernicus Berlin e.V. in collaboration with Together For Youth, and it took place in the captivating Guadeloupe Island, France. I […]

Final events of the “QuarantineART” project

In April 2023, two final events of the “QuarantineART” project took place in Marijampole. During them, the project results and activities were presented. The QuarantineART project was intended for women and girls who, for some reason, have not yet discovered themselves in the professional or working fields, but wanted to realize themselves through artistic and […]

Environmental Conservation Sustainable Development in Island Communities – Training Course in Guadeloupe

The Erasmus+ Project, that took place in Guadeloupe, focusing on learning about environmental conservation and sustainable development in island communities, was a truly enlightening and exciting experience. This initiative provided me and other participants a unique opportunity to delve into the intricate challenges and innovative solutions related to preserving the environment and promoting sustainable practices […]

Become ECOnficent: action!

This time, members of the Become ECOnfident club assisted younger students in exploring the topic of sustainability and the importance of animal protection. Regardless of their size, every animal is valuable and deserves our protection as the next generation of activists. Together with the club members, the youth constructed an “Insects hotel.” This structure serves […]