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Complete the form, and we’ll get in touch with you soon. Tavo Europa is constantly looking for fresh, worthwhile collaborations for its projects related to Erasmus KA1, KA2, and Europe for Citizens or reach out to us at to initiate a dialogue about the potential collaboration or any additional questions.

Unlock possibilities for long term projects with Tavo Europa

Tavo Europa is a platform that brings together young people and various types of experts who collaborate to advance youth work. We are an oasis for professionals with an endless thirst for knowledge who care passionately about their work, career advancement, and youth. Our extensive involvement in numerous international projects, including Erasmus+, Europe for Citizens, and the Polish-Lithuanian Exchange Fund, assures the highest standard of project execution.

Let’s make some youth initiatives happen!

This is a safe place where non-formal education methods meet different environments and miracles really begin to happen. Teachers, trainers, instructors, researchers, activists and youth leaders gather together to make the choice – bring a positive change, while giving floor to youth and helping them advance their major skills.

Be Part of The Change

Sometimes, all we need is a right choice, made at the right place, at the right time. Whether it is a political matter, a crisis or a word in a conversation. Tavo Europa is a place where youth dreams become game-changing realities. With a dynamic core team of 9, we’re a platform that offers a wide variety of experiences. We’re a powerhouse of visionaries—from social workers to researchers’ team and psychologists—dedicated to scaling up youth opportunities. We always welcome new interns, including university students, opportunists, and enthusiasts, in the fields of translation, public relations, and research. This provides valuable experience for them and helps us maintain a sharp and updated approach to meet the needs of young individuals.

Our European Essence

Every activity at Tavo Europa echoes with a European vibe. From EU parliamentary simulations to passionate debates on European values, we’re shaping our youth to grasp and influence political narratives actively. Our quest is to foster a European consciousness where youth don’t just know but actively participate in crafting Europe’s future.

Time for action is now

Organizations spearheading projects are meeting multiple challenges — from time management and meticulous planning to human resource allocation and idea cultivation. At Tavo Europa, we eagerly await your message. Connect with us now and let’s create another transformative experience for your youth and youth workers together!