Closer to nature Closer to each other
Project in Poland
May 26 - June 02


Country: Oleśnica, Poland

Welcome to our nature connection project! Discover why feeling close to the natural world matters more than ever. Research shows that a strong bond with nature enhances both mental and physical well-being while inspiring eco-friendly actions. From recycling to driving electric vehicles, every connection counts. Join us in our workshops designed to deepen your bond with nature:

Get hands-on with ecological activities like crafting your own cosmetics and flower bombs.
Explore the culinary world with workshops on herb impacts on health and slow food cuisine.
Unleash your creativity in our photographic sessions capturing the beauty of nature.
Embark on sightseeing trips to Książ Castle, Wojsławice Natural Arboretum, ecological farms, and enchanting forests.

Together, let’s cultivate a deeper connection to nature for a healthier planet and happier lives. Join our journey today!

Dates: May 26 – June 02

The age of the participants: 15 – 18, leader 18+ years old.

Number of participants: 6 + 1

Accommodation and meals during the project will be free of charge. Travel expenses will be reimbursed after the project