Intensive Energy Saving

Duration : 01-01-2023 – 01-01-2026
Project number:  2022-2-PL01-KA220-YOU-000098102

The project aims to enhance responsibility and social awareness among young people aged 18-30 regarding ecology and energy saving. Through various activities, such as interactive educational materials, workshops, and meetings with experts, the project intends to promote youth engagement, initiative, and solidarity in addressing environmental issues. Focused on the energy crisis and climate change, the project seeks to empower young people to take part in a social campaign on energy saving.

The project will develop a platform with educational films, a digital ecological guide, interactive educational games, and an e-learning course on energy saving. It will conduct four 5-day educational workshops in Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, and Lithuania, where participants will visit renewable energy plants and engage with experts. Additionally, a social campaign promoting energy-saving practices will be conducted in four countries.

The objectives of the project include increasing ecological competences among young people, supporting international cooperation in energy-saving initiatives, developing digital skills, and promoting active citizenship and entrepreneurship. The project will produce various outcomes, including educational films, a guide, workshops, visits to renewable energy plants, an e-learning course, and the establishment of an international youth social network.

The project’s innovativeness lies in its practical and interactive approach, offering hands-on experiences and direct engagement with renewable energy professionals. It aims to create a long-lasting impact on young people’s behaviors, habits, and lifestyle choices related to environmental conservation and energy use.

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