Project Poland November 13 – 22 

Let’s Craft Together
Project Poland
November 13 - 22

Project name: Let’s craft together

Country: Poland

Date: November 13 – 22

Creatives, the youth exchange is waiting for you!

During the project the young people will learn different techniques and methods of making handmade jewelry such as: jewelry gums, TOHO beads and others with which they can make unique items themselves. The acquired skills will be used in the future for example by selling their own products. The use of local, regional and national symbols, patterns and colors typical for each country will be the guiding theme in creating the jewelry. A workshop on entrepreneurship will be organized to help identify the participants’ predispositions, strengths and weaknesses.

The age of the participants: 18- 23 years old.

Accommodation and meals during the exchange will not cost anything, travel expenses will be reimbursed upon return.