“Modelling Social Independence Skills for Youth”
Project in Greece
November 13 - 18


Country: Lithuania

Date: November 13 – 18

The general aim of our project is to make it understandable to the participants of our activities that Social skills can be taught and they should be a vital element of today’s youth’s understanding, expression, better stand in the community, and better chances of success in many fields of their life. The reasoning behind our motivation to design and implement the ModeIn project is the need to equip our youth with advanced social skills and to qualify youths with adequate competencies to be able to educate youth in this field. It must be well understood that whatever the level of education and competencies, lack of social skills may bring obstacles to further development of a person, and we need to prepare and equip our youth with all available means to succeed in their life.

The age of the participants: 18 – 30 years old

Accommodation during the project will be free of charge, travel expenses will be reimbursed upon return.