Divided by media joined by humanity
Project in Slovenia
December 2 - 10


Country: Slovenia

Date: December 2 – 10

This youth exchange will expand your knowledge about media literacy, information, use of ICT tools, identification of fake news and hate speech on web, social networks and other media through informal education process, active collaboration and invigoration of skills. Therefore you will acquire new skills and knowledge, which will help your personal growth, but especially it will give the motivation to be included by similar initiatives. With participation by the project we will improve knowledge of foreign languages and understanding social, linguistic and cultural diversity. We will strenghten intercultural awareness and create a more positive attitude towards european values and awareness of the active national concept status as well. Our independence, self-confidence, critical and creative thinking and ability of solving problems will increase. With the participation and realization of the project we will get cross-border friendships and make close bonds with other participants.

The age of the participants: 18-30, leader 21+ years old.

Accommodation during the project will be free of charge, travel expenses will be reimbursed upon return.