The BigFoot footprint: Our Environmental Footprint!
Project in Greece
October 4 - October 12

Country: Greece

Date: October 4 – 12

The age of the participants: 18- 26 years old.

The main objective of the new exchange “The BigFoot footprint: Our Environmental Footprint!” is gaining knowledge about reducing our environmental footprint. The second objective of the exchange is to develop the soft skills of the participants, more specifically their cultural awareness, teamwork ability, English language skills and leadership abilities. In addition to the development of the above-mentioned data, the main end product of the exchange is the creation of an informational video that will inform the society about the environmental footprint problem and will be published after the implementation of the exchange. Therefore, learning about the environmental impact we leave behind in our daily activities could serve as a good start to increase social responsibility among young citizens.

Accommodation during the project will be free of charge, travel expenses will be reimbursed upon return.