Balance is key
Project in Estonia
22 - 29 October*


Country: Estonia

Date: October 22 – 29* 

APV: For a leader + 1 participant on 21 – 24 September

The age of the participants: 14 – 16, leader 18+ years old.

This project BALANCE IS KEY is a youth exchange between the youth of four countries, during which three main meetings, two preparatory physical meetings and several virtual meetings will take place. Why is there a youth exchange between the youth of four countries? The reason is that different countries have different problems. Natural and economic conditions are also different. Partners are selected based on geographical location, different experiences. We would like to share Estonian mental health methodology with others. We make young people
think, find solutions to strengthen and maintain their mental health, value a positive and healthy lifestyle. Every young person has the greatest help and support for their health.
Young people can also learn a lot from different cultures and get different travel experiences (bus, plane). To see life both in the countries of the European Union and outside it. To value being a citizen of your country, as well as living in the European Union

Accommodation and meals during the project will be free of charge, travel expenses will be reimbursed upon return.