Youth exchange “Language of Future, Coding”

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange Project on coding titled “Language of Future, Coding” Supported by the European Union and the French National Agency was held at Düzce Grand Beyaz Hotel between 15-23 July 2021. There are 45 participants in the project from Macedonia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Spain, Portugal, England, Lithuania and Turkey.

The project was aimed to develop new software using robotic coding, to teach young people the necessary software information for operating different sensors, to show them possible problems in software, and finally to show them the importance of coding and how to cure unemployment.

Young people participating in the project from 8 different countries stated that the project made great contributions to them both in terms of career and culture, and they said that they were very impressed by the cultural structure of Düzce. Thanks to the outdoor activities and cultural nights, where the participants increased cultural interaction, young people will both reinforce the knowledge they have learned and have the opportunity to come together with the people of Düzce. At the end of the project, the participants were given a Youthpass certificate documenting their achievements. Before and after the project we also visited Istanbul for a few days and it was a spectacular experience for everyone.


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