Youth Exchange Media Tools for Active Youth


Youth exchange Media Tools for Active Youth took place in Marmaris, Turkey from 26 September to 4 October 2020.

 In the youth exchange, 42 participants took part including 20 participants with fewer opportunities in the age of 18-30 from Turkey, Germany, Spain, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania and Portugal.

Youth exchange Media Tools for Active Youth included different non-formal based learning activities tailored to the profiles of the participants. During the activity days, the participants took part in introductory activities getting to know each other through name games, ice-breakers and team-building exercises. After creating an open and safe atmosphere the participants focused on key issues of the youth exchange: media literacy, analyzing media messages, critical thinking, and working on new media messages. During the youth exchange, the participants took part in interactive presentations, debates and discussions, simulations, acting-based activities. At the end of the project, the participants increased their knowledge of the Erasmus+ Programme and had an opportunity to work on developing new project ideas in intercultural teams.

Every group was selected to include 6 people (5 participants and 1 group leader), including 3 participants with fewer opportunities facing cultural differences, geographical, refuge and economic obstacles.

Objectives of the project aimed to increase the capacities of young people, including young people with fewer opportunities, to analyse digital/social media and to make their messages through critical thinking and active involvement in a discussion on the importance of media literacy. It raised awareness about the importance of media literacy with special focus to be paid to the news. During the exchange young people were fostered to debate on tools of verification and fact-checking, digital media security and freedom of expression. The focus was to increase key learning competencies, including communication in foreigner language, cultural awareness, social and digital competencies.

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