Youngsters Speak Up for Gender Equality!


Women in Europe are more prone to experience sexual harassment, gender-related discrimination, and a gender pay gap working in the same positions as their male counterparts. Feminism is a social movement looking for solutions to overcome these issues. Unfortunately, it is often associated with the promotion of women’s supremacy. Our goal is to challenge this perception. We believe that feminism advocates equality of the sexes. Sadly, the societal changes are happening extremely slow, and it’s only up to us to stand up for the change. This choreography aims to pose a question of what could we do to be the change? This video was made in Lithuania (25-11-2019) during ERASMUS+ youth exchange Dance Equality project with participants from Lithuania, Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia and Portugal. In this choreography, some parts were lead by the women, however, the main character was excluded for following the steps of the male part but eventually, she was accepted for who she was. It emphasised that gender should not define your skills, your employment opportunities or role in the family.

The choreography was created by Silvija Dargvainyte (@studiofollowme).

Please share this VIDEO to spread awareness of gender inequality problems. Remember, if you are experiencing gender discrimination, you can always report them to local institutions. Project partners: CET Lietuva (host), WorldUnlimited (Bulgaria), Walktogether (Bulgaria), Primolio (Italy), Novo Mundo (Portugal), Avadhuta (Croatia).

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