WEBEN – Portal of entrepreneurial education in new key 

Duration: 01.11.2019-01.05.2021 

Project number: 608347-EPP-1-2019-1-RS-EPPKA2-CBY-ACPALA 

To deliver quality entrepreneurial education, youth workers need to upscale their working practices, motivational and dissemination methods, making them more appealing and attractive to youth.

This project tends to encourage increasing the number of youth workers able to work on the programmes that inevitably overlap with the topic of entrepreneurship, going further to delivering this kind of education to groups with fewer opportunities. Organisations critically lack this kind of capital in humans.

Active promotion of entrepreneurial education and training, and European policies through the small-scale textile industry are yet another tool to be gained using the main product planned to be created during the project’s activity: web portal Weben with the collection of blogs and vlogs on entrepreneurial topics and clothing with motivational messages.

Expected outcomes:

– Improved competencies of youth workers in education on entrepreneurship supported by creative materials and methods developed.

– Expanded perspective on entrepreneurship in different economic realities in Europe and Asia and created a network of individuals and organisations.

– Improved contact with beneficiaries encouraged and inspired to start their own business as the tool for self-employment.

– Weben portal, to create and promote the main output for dissemination.

-The network of organisations with the same goals through which other initiatives will be launched and pursued after the project’s conclusion.

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