Two Sides of the Migrants Story – youth exchange about current issues

migrants story
I participated in the Two sides of migrants story project, which took place in Ankara. While traveling to Turkey, we also visited the cities of Cologne and Dusseldorf. We tried a German kebab to compare with the original Turkish dish. We were accommodated in a 4* hotel, and even though the rooms were promised for two people, there was enough room for three. Of all the projects I have participated in, the accommodation here was probably the best, and the food was really delicious. The classes were held in the conference hall of the hotel. The topic was “Two Sides of the Migrants Story” and we learned and discussed all types of migration, especially the current Ukrainian and Syrian refugee crises. The sessions were very engaging, interactive and informative. During the project, we had a lot of discussions with participants from other countries and the coordinator. At the end of the week, we visited local support and charity organizations and got to know local migration issues even more closely. In our free time, we visited a lot of the city of Ankara, the old town and the mosques. The hotel was in a very good location, so we could visit something new during our breaks. Also, the participants and I independently organized a trip to Cappadocia and saw hot air balloons rising at dawn in the desert. After the project, I decided to use the opportunity and stayed in Turkey for two more free days, so I also visited the city of Istanbul. Of course, there was not enough time to see everything, but I am sure that I will return to Turkey again.  

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