Transform action project: workshop in Hungary

We are always happy to share the moments and impact training courses provide for participants, this time, greetings from Hira in Hungary: 

I’ve had recently during two workshops about “Transform action” training course. First up, I had the fantastic opportunity to conduct not one, but two workshops. The first workshop was dedicated entirely to a topic of  conflict resolution while facing a specific problem, allowing for deep discussions and exploration. The second one, however, was a spontaneous addition after a class presentation. With my professor’s permission, I jumped in to highlight the topic for a few minutes. It was amazing how even a brief session like this could spark meaningful conversations and insights.

The exchange of ideas and knowledge during these workshops and training sessions has been nothing short of inspiring. I’m incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported me. As I look back on these experiences, I’m reminded of the importance of continuous learning and seizing every opportunity that comes our way. Here’s to embracing growth, sharing knowledge, and making a positive impact wherever we go!

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