Wellbeing agenda
Project in Romania
March 16 - 23



Dates: March 16 – 23

In the contemporary consumption society, increasingly technologized and digitized, many young people work excessively, sometimes up to burnout, designing a too distant horizon of well-being (“I work hard now to be happy in the future”), they do not have time for themselves or to build/maintain relationships, they isolate (often in a virtual world) and, consequently, suffer failures on multiple fronts. Recent uncontrollable events and phenomena such as the Covid epidemic, the Ukraine War, and the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria exacerbate their plight (irritability, panic, anxiety, depression). As a result, young people often seek solace in alcohol, drugs, etc.


The main objective is to develop the skills and abilities of 35 youth workers through a training course utilizing non-formal education methods in the field of well-being. This is aimed at enhancing the quality of youth and training, focusing on fostering young people’s social competences.

The age of the participants:  18 + years old

Accommodation and meals during the project will be free of charge. Travel expenses will be reimbursed after the project