Target ZERO. Creating Responsible Enterprise

Target ZERO. Creating Responsible Enterprise
Project in Spain
February 15 - 23

Project name: Target ZERO. Creating Responsible Enterprise

Country: Spain

Date: February

The project aims to facilitate knowledge exchange and create and implement solutions to environmental problems, promoting sustainable ways and models of doing business. Youth workers will be offered different good practice examples and motivations for launching eco-friendly products and services for a niche market.
They will learn how to create a green enterprise and get inspired to promote the idea among their communities.

Moreover, they will be introduced to the fundamentals of green businesses, the importance of working and collaborating with stakeholders, why and where to look for new opportunities, as well as the need to start acting now, because it is the time to use all possible ways to minimize our impact on the environment.

The age of the participants: 18+. 

Accommodation and meals during the project will be free of charge, travel expenses will be reimbursed upon return