Shades of rainbow

Shades of rainbow
Project in Slovenia
June 15 - 23


Project name: Shades of rainbow

Country: Slovenia

Date: June 15 – 23*

The aim of this project to draw the attention of young people connected through different organizations from different countries to the position of members of the LGBTQ+ community in the participating countries. We find the topic particularly important, interesting and topical issue, when intolerance and hate speech against various members of minorities and groups of people is increasing. Because we believe that the problems and challenges faced by members of the LGBTQ+ community deserve more attention, we decided to prepare this project. By raising the awareness of the local, regional and national public, we strive to change the attitude towards LGBTQ+ members and to build a society where every identity is legitimate. 


*you will be going to the exchange by car, therefore it will take from June 14 – 24. 

The age of the participants: 18-30, leader 21+. 

Accommodation and meals during the project will be free of charge, travel expenses will be reimbursed upon return.