EmpowerED: Advocates for Inclusion and Human Rights
Project in Slovakia
December 4 - 10

Country: Slovakia

Date: December 4 – 10

In today’s rapidly changing world, the role of youth workers in shaping the future has never been more critical. As advocates for the next generation, youth workers hold a unique responsibility to guide, inspire, and empower young people. The theme of human rights and inclusion lies at the heart of this responsibility. In an era marked by increasing diversity, the digital age, and complex global challenges, equipping youth workers with the tools to address hate speech, foster media literacy, and understand the boundaries of freedom of speech is crucial. Furthermore, youth workers must confront the rise of extremism, protect international human rights, and ensure the needs of various minority groups are met. Promoting respect, unity, and conflict management among youth is essential for building inclusive communities. By delving into these critical topics, our training for youth workers will help participants to enhance their effectiveness, create positive change, and champion a future where every young person’s rights and potential are fully realised.

The age of the participants: 18+

Accommodation during the project will be free of charge, travel expenses will be reimbursed upon return.