Digital skills for youth workers
Project in Bulgaria
9 - 19 October


Country: Bulgaria

Date: 9  – 19 October

The age of the participants: 18+ years old.

Throughout this comprehensive training course, youth workers will embark on a transformative journey that encompasses vital objectives. These include honing the art of meticulous data research, refining the discernment to select impactful project themes, mastering a diverse array of digital tools, and ultimately, crafting and delivering dynamic training sessions for young individuals. By immersing themselves in this multifaceted experience, participants will not only elevate their personal capacities but also contribute meaningfully to the communities they serve. Join us in embracing this unique opportunity that amalgamates theoretical learning with hands-on application, propelling a new wave of visionary leaders dedicated to driving positive change.

Accommodation and meals during the project will be free of charge, travel expenses will be reimbursed upon return.