Video making for the YOUTH
Project in Italy
30 August - 5 September

faruk-kaymak-KTsg_xKnB3E-unsplash (2)

Country: Treviso, Italy

The project aims to enhance the digital skills of youth workers to better support their educational efforts and promote social inclusion and virtuous behavior among young people. It aligns with the EU’s goal of fostering green policies through education, combining both formal and non-formal methods. The European Green Deal’s objectives to combat climate change and create green jobs are central to this initiative, emphasizing environmentally sustainable behavior. By focusing on video-making, the project seeks to equip youth workers with the necessary skills to develop digital content that effectively conveys positive messages and promotes responsible behavior. Treviso, chosen for its European Green Leaf Award, will host the project, highlighting local environmental practices and collaborations.

Dates: 30 August Р5 September 

The age of the participants: 20 Р35

Number of participants: 3 participants.

Accommodation and meals during the project will be free of charge. Travel expenses will be reimbursed after the project